All of our disc jockeys are open format disc jockeys. This means that in the art of mixing music, they are proficient with all major genres of music. As life long private event disc jockeys, they have developed the ability to focus on pleasing our clients, as well as assuring a high level of comfort for all other guests at such private events. Their individual, personal preference in music, which is listed below, has nothing to do with their ability to professionally deliver a great time for all types of demographics.



"Tony Sparks"

Tony is originally from Cuba. Although at an early age would immigrate to Long Island, NY, where he would spend his childhood, he refers to Tampa, FL as his home. His first love is his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and his only hobby is motorcycle ridding. He’s currently enrolled as an online student of Berklee College of Music, out of Boston, MA, pursuing a Music Production Bachelors Degree. He loves spending time with his wonderful family, and close friends. His favorite types of music are Christian music and Salsa.
Cesar, a.k.a.

"DJ Roma"

Cesar is originally from Santo Domingo, DR. At an early age his family moved to Houston, TX where he would become an adult. Later in life he would move to Kissimmee, FL where he now calls home. As hobbies he loves to go out mountain bike ridding and play golf. He loves spending time with his wonderful family and close loved ones. His favorite genres of music are Merengue and Salsa.
Anthony, a.k.a.

"DJ A.N.S."

Meet Anthony, a bilingual open-format DJ renowned for infusing energy and excitement into every event. He captivates audiences with seamless transitions between diverse genres. Fluent in both English and Spanish, DJ A.N.S. effortlessly connects with audiences of all backgrounds, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere that keeps the party going all night long. Whether spinning tracks at clubs, weddings, or corporate events, DJ A.N.S. brings a contagious enthusiasm that guarantees an unforgettable experience for everyone on the dance floor.
Jason, a.k.a.

"DJ Jason"

Jason is originally from Bayamon, PR. He would grow up and spend most of his adult life in this wonderful island, where he learned the art of being a disc jockey. He has worked at various radio stations in the island, as well as countess bars and night clubs. He would later moved to Kissimmee, FL, where he would form a wonderful family, and continue cultivating his life’s passion: music. His favorite music genres are Decades music like 80’s & 90’s, and E.D.M. (Electronic Dance Music.)
Moril, a.k.a.

"DJ Mo-Money"

Mo is originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He would grow up there until graduating from college and moving up to Tampa, FL, what he now calls home. He enjoys hobbies such as staying physically active, working out, and shooting pool. He’s looking forward to starting a family one day, and pouring into them all the pleasures and love he’s accumulated throughout his life thus far. His favorite genres of music are Hip-Hop/Rap and a little bit of R&B/Soul.
Ms. Negron, a.k.a.

"DJ Izabella"

Izabella is originally from Brooklyn, NY. She would spend most of her life as a New Yorker, learning and developing all the beauty and artistic qualities she now possesses. She fluctuates DJ’s Content her time between there and Tampa, FL, actively practicing as a Speech Pathology Therapist. She has cultivated a beautiful family, of which she’s very proud. She enjoys knitting, cycling, and dancing. Her favorite genres of music are Salsa and Disco.
Matthew, a.k.a.

"DJ Kells"

With over 10 years of experience in the event industry, DJ Kells has worked with many top DJ companies in the North East Tri-State area. Everything he does in the DJ booth is done with passion, and it shows with the reaction we receive from our clients. His music selection is extensive, providing mixing of every genre, according to our client’s preference. He’s main focus is always centered on our client’s needs and desires. He’s passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ, and is completely devoted to his loving family. His favorite music genres are House and Dancehall.
Kristina, a.k.a.

"DJ Keynah"

Kristina was born in the Dominican Republic, but has lived in Central Florida since a very early age. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. She’s a very loving and caring individual. So much so that she’s made a career out of it as a currently practicing Registered Nurse. Her favorite music genres to jam out to are Bachata, Merengue, R&B/ Soul, and Reggaeton.
Ricardo, a.k.a.

"DJ Kue"

Ricardo was born in Panama. His family moved to Brooklyn, NY when he was a teenager, allowing him the opportunity to grow up with all the styles and flavors the streets of New York can offer. In the last few years he’s moved down to Spring Hills, FL where he now leads a beautiful family. His hobbies are anything music related, handball, and technology. His favorite type of music is Old School Salsa.

Luis, a.k.a.

"DJ Whichie"

Comming soon…

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